World Youth

Conference on

Kindness 2019

To commemorate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, UNESCO MEGIEP ushered in a new era of transformation building on the idea of a kinder, inclusive and a compassionate world. 

UNESCO MGIEP in partnership with several partners began a transformative journey of invoking the idea of compassion to the wider audience across the world. Building on the amalgamation of principles Mahatama Gandhi and blaring energies of youth to enable the ecosystem for transformative acts of Kindness, which led to the conception of the First World Youth Conference on Kindness.  


World Youth Conference on Kindness 2019 hence had to be organised in heart of the country that saw the trailblazer commence a voyage to uphold the values of  Satyagrah, Peace and Truth. The first World Youth Conference took place from 20-23 of August 2019 in the heart of Indian civilisation bringing together around 60 Youth leader representing 30 diverse cultures and nationalities. The conglomerate was endorsed and supported by thousands of youth from across the world, who came together to draft what is known as the New Delhi Declaration for Kindness for Sustainable Development Goals. Voices of over 1700 young torchbearers emphasising on the fact that Kindness, Empathy and Compassion at the core of SDG's may help in accelerating the momentum at which we could achieve our goals for a better and prosperous world.