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Sorina Petrescu

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Sorina s the founder of TMoves, an initiative in Romania that develops 10 life skills endorsed by WHO, UN and UNICEF. She is dedicated to promote and cultivate mental, social, emotional and physical health through experiential movement and artistic programmes. She combines in her health educational programmes play, dance, dance-therapy, meditation and qigong.

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Ben is the Founder of The Kindness School Foundation, a social enterprise working with over 500 primary schools around the world on making social emotional learning and mental wellbeing a part of the curriculum. He has worked on a variety of entrepreneurial projects, from tackling the Silicon Valley to teaching start-up basics to Timorese guerrilla fighters. As a B Leader, Ben also supports enterprises in measuring the social and environmental impact. 

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Krupalini Swamy

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Krupalini for the last decade has worked in the field of education holding offices of different cadre in corporate, startups and educational institutions. She currently serves as a mentor for change with Niti Aayog and holds the office of Vice President for a Edtech organization in tinkering and innovation. She is known for her people management, operational skills that she drives with empathy and human values as the core attributes. She also mentors Startups at House of Genius, IIMB where she works with entrepreneurs and tries to put back core humanity and Empathy into the magnanimous visions of these organizations.

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Lucy Plummer

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Lucy has worked as a youth mentor, a formal educator and a multimedia content creator. She travels at every opportunity to encounter new perspectives and friendships and to develop her understanding of what it means to be a global citizen in the 21st century. For Lucy, compassion represents the core of the SDGs and it is the spirit that says, “As long as you suffer, whoever you are and whatever your suffering may be, I suffer also,” that will enable us to achieve them.



Ul Riyaz

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Imad is a development practitioner, whose work revolves around localisation of SDG’s at the grassroots and advancing Human Development Index in the regions affected by extremism. A political enthusiast, he is part of diverse grass-root campaigns, making an attempt to make the world a better place to live in. An old fable who lives to untangle the world through idea of Kindness, Empathy and Compassion.


Augusto Baron

Augusto is currently a medical intern of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras devoted to serve humanity through public health-related activism. Co-Founder of ColectivoSalud on May 2019, he currently attempts to educate the general population and generate empowerment in matters of health, communication, and inclusion.

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Cindy Lorena Ospina G.

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Cindy is a backpacker and engineer that after travelling the world and being involved in several volunteering projects founded Paziflora, an environmental NGO that will focus in the implementation of sanitation programs and bioengineering solutions in vulnerable communities that lack basic infrastructure. Cindy finished her studies in civil engineering and is currently pursuing a joint master programme in sanitary and environmental engineering.

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Onyango Otuoma

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Onyango Otuoma has a strong desire to influence people to take responsibility for their lives in the face of current everyday challenges. He is the founder of Mindful African Initiative – an organization founded on the passion to tackle social and behavioral issues regarding mental wellbeing.

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Nathaly Cifuentes Riano

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Nathaly is an experienced communication strategist with a demonstrated history of working in public relations, communications and social media. She discovers her interest and passion aligned with the NGO called Words Heal the World in which she became the social media coordinator responsible of content creation, education and radicalization prevention challenging hate crimes and extremism using social media as a nurturing channel to educate people in tolerance and kindness towards others.

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Tamana Slathia

Tamana is the founder of a peacebuilding youth-led organization called The Daffodils Project. She has been working towards peacebuilding and conflict transformation in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh for over 6 years. A Gender Equality advocate and trainer, she is recognized as a Global Peace Ambassador for mainstreaming gender in peacebuilding processes and projects.

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Anokhi Parikh

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Anokhi Parikh from Mumbai, India is the cofounder of The SEL Lab that is working on inculcating socio-emotional learning at an individual and institutional level. She is also an independent consultant for UNESCO MGIEP for the prevention of violent extremism through education and a certified CIT facilitator. Previously, she was the Director of The Foundation for six years that worked with children from the conflict zones of Kashmir and Manipur. Anokhi has a PhD in Economics from the University of Mumbai and MSc in Finance from Manchester Business school. She has previously also been a news anchor with CNBC TV18. Anokhi’s work in last decade has been focused on promoting non-violence and finding peaceful solutions to socio-political problems in the world.


Aditya Kaudan

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Aditya is a SDGs & Youth Advocate; promoting the role of youth in the global policies & negotiations. An engineering undergraduate with experience of working with both for-profit and not-for-profit sector; currently pursuing post-graduate program in Policy, Design & Management.

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Irene Nabanoba

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Irene is the founder of Mutumba Children’s Foundation (MCF), a Community Based initiative in Nansana Division, Uganda, that empowers children to enable them to achieve their dreams through its 3 major core thematic areas; Ensuring continuous HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programs, Promoting children’s talents and Promoting educational support.