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about gyak

The Global Youth Alliance for Kindness is an entirely youth-driven effort to put kindness at the heart of the UN SDG Agenda 2030.


We believe that action rooted in kindness, empathy and compassion is the way to solve the biggest global challenges of today in a way that is truly sustainable, beneficial to all living beings and safeguards the future of our planet for generations to come.


Through #KindnessMatters for the SDGs, we’re campaigning for a UN Decade of Kindness 2020-2030 and leading a range of initiatives to empower more kind acts and to showcase the unmatched power and potential of innate human kindness. 


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Case Studies

The Global Youth Alliance for Kindness (GYAK) is currently researching and interviewing dozens of organisations around the world that have placed kindness, empathy and compassion at the heart of their work.

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